How to Clean Your Granite Tiles Properly

How to Clean Your Granite Tiles Properly

Granite surfaces are very simple in terms of care and maintenance; and to clean granite tiles is no different. Granite countertops require little more than a wipe down with a wet cloth or sponge and perhaps the use of some dish soap to keep them clear of bacteria. Many also recommend applying a fresh sealant every six months to a year in order to ensure against any possible staining if substances manage to get through. The procedure is much the same for tiles as it is for large custom cut slabs since the material is the same in both cases. Depending upon where your tiles are and what use you put them to they may need more, or less, attention.

The main thing to bear in mind is that all granite surfaces are covered with a sealant and acidic liquids, foods or chemicals will likely damage this. Many household cleaners contain acids and these should be avoided when cleaning your stone tiles. Toiletries and perfumes can also often contain acids as well as toothpaste and hairspray. Many types of foods and drinks are also acidic, for example: coffee, orange juice, wine, tomato products, mustard and vinegar are all things which will damage the sealant.

When cleaning it is necessary to avoid adding more acid to the surface so a neutral pH balanced cleaner is essential; specialist stone cleaners are formulated for this purpose but many other cleaners are too. If a liquid is spilt it is best to mop it up first; since wiping it will spread it further across the surface and potentially cause more damage.

Use an absorbent cloth or sponge to pick up the main liquid then wipe the area with a neutral pH balanced cleaner. Always be careful if the spilled substance contains grains or any possibly abrasive material since wiping this will cause damage to the sealant too. Areas that have greater use and, therefore, have been more frequently wiped and cleaned should have sealant re applied more frequently too, in order that your granite retains its shine and finish. Granite is a strong and resilient material but by taking care to clean granite tiles properly you ensure their long life and beauty.

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