Bespoke quartz kitchen work surface for residential and commercial projects from well known brands including Silestone, Cimstone, Classic Quartz Stone, Unistone and more.

With over 5 years of combing experience in the stone work surfaces industry we have the know how to create innovative, beautiful and functional quartz worktops and countertops for residential and commercial spances.

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Quartz worktops have gotten really well known as of late, because of their marvelous feel and strength. They have the appearance of regular stone however require a negligible measure of upkeep. These stone worktops help save time because of the little upkeep that is required. Agonizing over your kitchen worktop will be something that is not, at this point required.

Our Quartz Worktops are the most well-known mineral in the World’s surface, and ledges are comprised of 93% common quartz. Quartz is probably the hardest material known to man, with just jewels, Saphir and topaz being heavier. This makes our top notch quartz stone worktops an amazing decision for current kitchen since it is practically scratch and stain safe.


Our kitchen worktop plans are additionally heat open minded, guaranteeing that you could put your container straightforwardly on the worktop. Regardless, we encourage you to utilize a trivet. This is on the grounds that the district where you put the dish won’t be influenced, yet the ledges will in any case be hot.

This kitchen worktop is additionally sterile in light of the fact that quartz is non-permeable. Subsequently, the microorganisms can not develop on the outside of your kitchen work area.

We are an affirmed fabricator and merchant for the entirety of the brands underneath:


We have a wide variety of Quartz stones. Please see our Stones page for more choice options


Quartz is the fourth-hardest regular material known to man, with just precious stone, sapphire and topaz being more grounded. Our stones are around 93% common and, as you can envision, this makes the kitchen worktop incredibly tough, as it is scratch and warmth safe. This makes it a strong surface. They likewise have gum and shadings added to guarantee you have a quality ledge that needs little consideration and looks incredible.

Why our stones could be for you?

Being man-made, our item arrives in an enormous scope of tones and, as it is processing plant controlled, you can depend on the consistency of shading. There are mottled just as single tones accessible and quartz worktops are accessible in various completions. We transform Quartz sections into bespoke-formed ledges that are sharpened to go with your sinks and taps. We have additionally made uncommon ledges for the individuals who are hoping to add a bar in their home.

Contingent upon the sort you pick, it could be conceivable to coordinate your floor tiles to your worktop so if this is something you need, converse with us and we will exhort you.

We stock a colossal arrangement of bespoke quartz kitchen worktops in the UK from which you can choose yours, and we tailor for all preferences and all financial plans. To get a thought of what the example and the specks resemble on the ledges, we accept that you should visit our display area.

You will think that its a lot simpler to choose what will work, and we can prompt and supply you with tests. We will likewise give you a statement and more data about the help included.

We supply an enormous scope of brands, tones, completes and styles accessible. Our quartz worktops tones can incorporate dark, dim and even white quartz worktops.

Surrey Marble and Rock work with industry-driving producers, for example, Cosentino and a lot more endorsed stockists and makers, for example, Caesarstone, Okite, Silestone, Field Stone, Compac, and Cimstone.

Taking Care of your Kitchen Countertop

Not exclusively would quartz be able to look incredibly like stone, yet it is additionally simple to really focus on and is very sterile, because of its non-permeable nature. This implies microscopic organisms that can’t raise on the surfaces of the ledges. Contrasted with marble, quartz has a high protection from rough materials, for example, lemon juice, vinegar, red wine and cooking oil. These materials would influence stone since it is half-permeable.

With regards to cleaning, it requires next to no support, truth be told, it is most likely the simplest to save clean and care for contrasted with different materials utilized for quartz kitchen worktops. By essentially cleaning the ledge with a soggy fabric and utilizing another delicate material to dry will do the work.

For whatever other spills that may dry on work surfaces utilizing a scourer or, in the most dire outcome imaginable, utilizing a sharp blade will eliminate the spill. Regardless of your opinion, the stone won’t be influenced by scratching and the surface won’t be harmed.

On the off chance that you are searching for more data with respect to how to clean your kitchen worktops, don’t stress. Here are a portion of our top solutions for cleaning quartz.

Difference between Quartz Kitchen Worktops and Granite 

Quartz and stone are two of the hardest characteristic materials and are phenomenal decisions for kitchen sides and kitchen plans. The greatest contrast among quartz and rock is the designing cycle of the stones.

Our Quartz worktops in the UK are man-made, while rock is a hundred percent normal. This causes quartz to have unmistakable focal points over rock, as far as how can be managed them. On the off chance that you might want to find out about the contrasts among quartz and stone we have assembled a guide that you can follow here

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