The Desirability of Granite Countertops

The Desirability of Granite Countertops

Deciding to use granite countertops as your kitchen or vanity countertops is to pick the ideal natural stone for the job, and possibly the best overall option available. Granite is a naturally very hard stone and almost impossible to damage by scratching or day to day wear, it is also resilient to hot or cold temperatures and will not blister or crack; which makes it the perfect kitchen surface. It also has a wonderfully sophisticated yet slightly luxurious visual appeal which can bring any kitchen or other room alive and act as the perfect back drop to your other interior design decisions.

Any design decision about your home interior must be considered from two points of view: one of appearance and one of practicality. Granite surfaces tend to satisfy the requirements of both these points of view by being both hardy and attractive. This attractiveness, unlike many man-made materials, will never fade. The hardiness of a granite surface or work top is a large part of its appeal as a surface to work on; granite will only be scratched by diamonds or granite itself. Furthermore, the appeal of a surface which will resist scratching and will retain its colour and ‘sparkling newness’ for a very long time is one which it is difficult to resist. With each surface being an entirely unique piece of granite rock there is also a subtle element of variety with which laminate surfaces cannot possible compete.

The cost of using granite can vary depending upon the apparent quality or desirability of the stone, and where it comes from, to whether or not it has any ‘flaws’ or ‘pits’ in it which require filling with a softer material. In essence, there is generally nothing intrinsically better about higher priced stone in so far its basic hardness or durability is concerned, and higher prices tend to revolve around aesthetic details such as colour variations, ‘veins’ and patterns, and the country of origin. Additionally, of course, the size of the slab and its thickness affects price, and thinner slabs may need supporting against the possibility of structural collapse. All in all, granite worktops are an attractive and useful addition to any home or work environment and the cost, given their desirability, may be seen as a worthwhile investment.

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